After Lasik Surgery, Do You Still Need Eyeglasses?

The main reason why most people want to get LASIK surgery is to dump the eyeglasses or don’t want to use contacts. A life free from the eyeglasses is all that we want. LASIK allows you to get clear vision because it can correct the visual imperfection with myopia. But still people have lots of questions related to LASIK surgery but the most important question that  Many people think or have in their mind is is it possible that after the LASIK procedure we guys still need the glasses or not?

This question has different answers depending on your age, your family history of glasses and the current prescription that you have. But the majority of people don’t feel any need to wear g;lasses after the LASIK surgery. You can get LASIK surgery in Delhi {visualaidscentre}.

Factors That May Increase The Chances To Wear The Glasses


Over the age your eyes muscles started losing the ability to focus on objects up close. Farsightedness or presbyopia are the common age related problems that are natural and part of aging. And this problem needs a solution and this problem can easily be solved by the glasses. If you have LASIK then you would not need any glasses for reading or for near vision if you are in the age of 40. With youth eyes you can easily see anything clearly up close after laser vision correction. If you are over 40s you need reading glasses to correct the vision. If you have had LASIK in the past for correct vision without any need of reading glasses, the near vision will naturally get weaker with age. You don’t have to worry about the glasses because the reading glasses would not be needed to wear all the time. The age related problem is managed by doctors.

Family history:-

The bad vision in your family does not mean that you will also have bad eyesight but it can increase the chances of needing glasses after the LASIK surgery. Even If you have a poor vision history, after the LASIK you can get clearer and sharper than it was before. As you get in touch with the line of 40s just like your family history your vision becomes less clear. So if this happens with you there is the chance of wearing glasses.


If your eyesight is not too blurry without corrective lenses or you have a smaller prescription and if you have stable vision for at least 12 months then you are a good candidate for LASIK. But if you have a high prescription like farsightedness and presbyopia then this will increase the possibility of getting second LASIK surgery, minor power contacts or reading glasses. LASIK surgery cost in India {visual aids centre} is affordable.


Most of the people who undergo LASIK surgery don’t feel any need to wear glasses. As you get older the nearsightedness or presbyopia can develop and you find difficulty to see the objects that are near to you and this is the time you have to consult with your doctors that there is a need to get reading glasses.